10:30 Screening-debate
Cinema Atalante
Organised by Bake Bidea
Premiere of the film LA PAIX MAINTENANT,
Une exigence populaire
a film carried out by Thomas Lacoste.
  • Debate in the presence of:
    • Louis Joinet (Human rights Committee of the UN).
    • Jean-Pierre Massias, Proffessor of Law and advisor at the European Council.
    • Thomas Lacoste, director.


    On 16 December 2016 the French Police arrested five people of the civil society named peacemakers. Thomas Lacoste’s film talks about the reactions to this episode and the different happenings that have taken place since ETA decided to stop the armed struggle, through the testimony of jurists, politicians and members of social movements.

    After the screening, the former magistrate Pierre Joinet and proffessor of law Pierre Massias (both of them took part in the film) highlighted the next steps to be taken on the basis of Transitional Justice. The former magistrate Joinet has underlined the political role that justice plays with regard to the issue of prisoners: “The legal aspects will not change until the political ones are already changed”.

    The jurist Jean-Pierre Massias has asked the Spanish and French governments for commitment with regard to the subject of victims, in order to achieve justice, reparations and the guarantee that it won’t happen again, creating a committee for Truth and Reconciliation, for instance. Both of the jurists have asked the governments for “intelligence”.

12 :30 Conference
Green space Roland Barthes
Organised by Bake Bidea

Conference about the next steps to be taken from the desarmament on
Joseba Azkarraga, spokesman of SARE, the plataform for the the rights of the basque prisoners and the former head of Justice Ministry of the Basque Government.

Aitzpea Leizaola, anthropologist and member of the Permanent Social Forum .
Philippe Texier, former judge and UN expert.

In a crowded outdoor covered-stage Joseba Azkarraga, former head of the Justice Ministry of the Basque Government, has asked to stop the emergency measures against basque prisoners, inter alia, to end up with the policies that keep the prisoners far from their families and to release the prisoners suffering ill health.

The anthropologist Aitzpea Leizaola has underlined that all the narratives must be taken into account : « It is impossible to make a single-story narrative».

The former judge and UN expert Philippe Texier, has noted that since the governments are not participating, there is no peace process. She has stated that besides of initiating a genuine peace process, a new law to release the prisoner is needed: « A law of Amnisty is essential, once all that happened has been recognised». She has proposed the creation of a comittee of Truth and Reconciliation, and asked for the involvement of the Spanish and French governments.